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About Us

Heal-Agnostic Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is founded in 2019 by three promoters from IIT Roorkee. Our primary interest lies in developing affordable technologies for tissue regeneration, biomedical devices and early diagnosis of degenerative diseases and their bench-to-bedside translation.

We specialize in research leading to development of products and solutions for affordable tissue regeneration, prosthesis, implantable biomedical devices and diagnosis of degenerative diseases. We developed unique technologies for healing deep, chronic and severe burn wounds and early non-invasive diagnosis of cancers of thoracic and cranial regions. We are in the process of introducing novel technologies in the field of Biomedical devices.

Heal-Agnostic Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is incubated at TIDES IIT Roorkee from 18/07/2019.


To improve quality of life through affordable healthcare options


To bring cutting edge healthcare options within the reach of common people


Tissue regeneration, Early diagnosis of degenerative diseases and Biomedical devices.


Our healing products have bio-inspired designs for efficient functioning. Exclusivity of their designs lie in catering to specific requirements of healing each type of wound. Such smart features do not exist in any of the comparable competitors currently available in the market.


Our diagnostic products have absolute user friendly design requiring no professional training for their handling. They can be afforded by people of all economic backgrounds who wish to quickly make out the meaning of the early apparent symptoms of cancer of thoracic and cranial regions before scheduling a visit to a physician and undergoing invasive, expensive diagnostic tests.

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Mr. Siddharth Sharma

PhD scholar
Centre of Nanotechnology
IIT Roorkee
+91 7678205927

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